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10 Best Bollywood First Dance Songs

first dance songs

Getting confused looking for best first dance songs?

Yes, we absolutely understand how confusing and stressful it can be. If you look up “Best First Dance Songs”, you’ll find overflowing lists with songs which don’t make the process any easier, do they? Don’t you worry, we’ve done one of the hard parts and shortened the list down to the 10 Best Bollywood First Dance Songs for you to pick yours and make your moment with your partner absolutely perfect. 

The best part about picking the songs for your first dance is being able to pick it together as a couple right? So, here we go. Yes, this is jut a list of the best Bollywood first dance songs but we’ve got you if you’re looking for English songs as well, list coming soon! Check here for updates!

Want a few steps to put into your dance on these songs? Check this out and many more like it!

1. Tum Kaafi Ho

“Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho” has to be exactly what you feel too! There is no one you need more than your partner right? For many, you’re each others’ better half, what says that more than this lovely rhythm for an exciting dance.

2. Naina Da Kya Kasoor

Our eyes tell stories and our eyes make us fall in love! A wonderful upbeat song with lyrics that were definitely made for a romantic first dance full of energy. There won’t be one person who wouldn’t be tapping their feet as you dance to this song.

3. Chedkhaniyan

It’s important to be a little quircky right? You have to have those fun elements in your relationship and no song screams fun and ‘masti’ like “Chedkhaniyan”. Show your stories to it’s energetic and romantic tune.

4. Chashni

“Chashni” gives you room to interpret it as you like. A song with beautiful choreography potential, just how you choose your expressions for this song can take your first dance to the next level.

5. Kuch Kuch Hota hai

Absolutely, how can a list ever be complete without this beautiful classic. The words “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” being so relatable as you see your loved one. Neither too slow nor to fast, this song truly has it’s own charm to it.

6. Mere Soneya

You think all Kabir Singh songs are used for weddings? Trust us, that isn’t entirely true and soon as this one comes on, everyone is going to forget where they’ve seen it and the focus will be on your beautiful first dance.

7. Janam Janam

Can the chemistry between these two ever get old? From DDLJ to K3G to Dilwale, they give us some of the most romantic numbers to make our own. A number that is sure to put everyone is awe as you dance your first dance. 

8. Tere Bin

“Tere Bin” from Simba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan is the best song to feel the emotion of always wanting to be together. You feel it and your dance will show it as your families enjoy the love in the air.

9. Jogi

“Jogi” from Shaadi Mei Zaroor Aana is a mesmerising number that can be choreographed with the perfect slow dance just you. The song will leave everyone with a warm feeling of love as you move to it.

10. Dekha Hazaro Dafaa

A song with lyrics that puts your feelings into words, it has to be one of the best Bollywood first dance songs for the star couple to express their love with their movement on the wedding day.

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