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CNC (Choreo N Concept) Dance Studio aims to provide high quality Dance Classes and Fitness Classes with Professional Trainers and high End Management. Our instructors are skilled at identifying the specific needs of each student. We believe in enriching the Dance Education experience for everyone. Online and Offline Dance and Fitness Classes for everyone!

We not only urge every student to strive daily for their professional best but also support one another in fostering a sense of teamwork during the class wherein they become technically proficient and build their Self Esteem, Cooperation , Leadership Skills while Having Fun!

Every student is inspired to find their creative self as “We Dance And Create a CONCEPT”


Choreo N Concept is a one stop solution for people who are looking for 


 Dance Classes


Dance Classes




Choreo N Concept Dance Studio has worked with multiple corporates across the globe and here are a few of them. Be it dance, fitness or your mental and physical health and well being, we are here for you. With you at every step for you to grow physically, emotionally and with confidence!

Vishnu Swarup

‘ Founder – Director, Marketing Head ‘ 

You walk into the studio and you will see one person always excited and hooked on to a new song that’s come out, that is how he is. Always ready to dance on a catchy number, he is one of the favourites in the wedding choreography industry. Whether you interact with him often or rarely, he will always teach you a little something more about life and that’s how he is. He leads his team with love and is actively engaged in all departments of the company and even though he is the owner, his team owns him. He is always ready to share his knowledge and has a welcoming heart.
– More  than  10 years of  teaching experience. 
-Trained under professionals from India and Abroad

Magdalena Kultys

‘ Co – Director ‘

She is a warm and loving individual who always ensures that she is motivating those around her to consistently push themselves to grow. She takes part in high end decisions and ensures that all details are taken into consideration. She always stays calm and relaxed and ensures that people around her feel that same way. She focusses on the expansion of the company specifically pertaining to the external i.e. international tie ups and growth. She herself is a performer too who is into acting, mime and physical theatre. She has participated in numerous festivals across Europe. She has been a part of the Shakespeare Association and the Brussels Shakespeare Society.
-Co-founder of the Company
-Has a Master’s degree in Drama Acting from University of Warsaw in 2015
-Has graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD in Belgium

Lata Sundrani

‘ Communication head ‘

Lata has a personality that is caring towards every individual that she crosses paths with. No detail is missed by her and she will never turn a blind eye on anyone. She is a strong leader and has lead the company towards the right path since the very beginning. She partakes in major decision making as well. All communications whether it is online classes, classes at the studio, wedding or corporate events, tie ups with the hotel industry; she heads it all with her communication team. She connects with every individual and understands them like no one else and is a constant support system for everyone. An integral part of the studio, Supporting individual with a warm heart

Pravesh Chandel

‘ Operation Head – Lead Choreographer ‘

All of us have dreams but it takes courage and hard work to follow them. A mechanical engineer by his degree, he followed his passion for dance. He is one of the most important pillars creating a foundation for the team. A positive attitude with just the right amount of assertiveness to push you to your best; that’s what you get in his classes. He is a professional dancer who approaches his classes with a different style and guides everyone to accomplish more.
-Manages the Staff and leads the company
-Optimises the Studio classes
-More than 5 years of experience as a professional dancer

Atisha Singh

‘ Studio Head & Leads the Wedding Division ‘

The brightest smile at the studio; that would be Atisha. She is always ready to learn and that very spirit of hers makes her a versatile learner as well as a focussed individual. She brings her bubbly and joyous self to the studio always giving it her best to have a balance between fun and quality learning for kids. She is one of the pillars of support for the studio. As a professional artist with a delightful personality, she motivates each individual to achieve their personal best as she pushes them towards growth.

Rahul Luke

‘ Creative Head, Master Mind – DANCER ‘

Always moving around and dancing to every beat in his style; that’s Rahul. He leads the Hip-Hop and Urban division for the studio. He is a focussed and sharp minded individual who strives to do his best and juice out every move. His movements always express and are charged. He is a strong willed individual with an insistent personality that boosts the energy in the environment and the connections developed through this act as sponges for the class as everyone aims to learn as much as they can from him and so does he.
-Creative Head of Choreo N Concept Dance Studio
-Has been dancing for over 10 years
-Winner of URBAN GENRE of GENRE 2.0 Dance Competition

Rohan Singh

‘ Choreographer – Editor – Professional Dancer ‘

An individual who brings his personality into every step. Being one of the most talented instructors with his magnificent dance moves, he is not only a unique dance instructor to our studio but also a compassionate learner always ready to share everything he learns.
-Professional Dancer
-Over 5 years of experience

Shubham Verma

‘ Cinematographer – Editor -Dancer ‘

Think of an idea, create content, shoot and then result. It sounds easy but that’s not all to it. The framework and perception of the concept prior to shooting it in order to deliver the best result is an art in itself. Along with being a professional dancer, Shubham captures the movement of dancers as they express. His passion for the art and dedication to strive to improve has brought him to a place where he has the precision to capture dynamic images and he uses them to convey his thoughts and feelings with regards to the beauty of movement.
-Cinematographer (Choreo N Concept)
-Professional Dancer (Heels, Jazz and contemporary)

Amit Kumar

‘ Assists operations – DANCER ‘

“Change your perception of life and work towards where you want to be and you will get there” , is something that all of us hear but not everyone believes in it enough to change their life; Amit did. Three years ago, he worked at a tea stall and now, he leads and assists the operations for the studio. He is always eager to learn more and his journey to become better doesn’t stop. He absorbs everything around him and never stops learning. He is the most hardworking individual you can come across who would never back down from his word. He ensures that all work is completed before the deadline for all members and makes sure that everyone is always happy. He has a journey that inspires everyone.

-An individual who learns from everything in life and everything life has to offer if not more

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Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.