Make Your Feet Movable At The Best Dance Classes In Gurgaon

Do you have a passion for dance or a desire to be a pro dancer? However, it’s tough to find the best dance classes in Gurgaon, but you don’t need to be worried about it because Choreo N Content is the perfect place that makes your dream come true. We are a professional dance academy where you can learn excellent dance forms to be a pro dancer. With our dance teaching, you can quickly learn excellent dance performance with confidence and adoring expressions. However, we not only teach you brilliant dance but also makes you express your feelings and emotions confidently with the free dancing actions and styles. 

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Moreover, we are leading as one of the reliable dance studios in Gurgaon , where you can freely and confidently dance as you want. We prepare you for the top dance competitions, events, functions, and much more. At our studio, you can learn various dance forms from our professional choreographers, who train you to beat your feet on any song.  

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Who are we?

We are your dancing buddy; at Choreo N Concept, you can learn dance from the beginning to advanced. We are one of the best dance studios in Gurgaon, where you learn what you want to be or perform on the stage. 

Dancing is not just an art; it’s a way to express your emotions and feelings through elegant and attractive moves. Therefore, we prepare you to do a graceful performance and train you to express your feelings and emotions uniquely. We are professionals, and we know how to teach you from the beginning to the advanced level.  

Whatever your dancing dream is, you can join our dance classes in Gurgaon sector 14, where you learn with fun and make it true. It’s a place that converts your dreams into reality. 

Types Of Dance We Offer

At Choreo N Concept, you get all kinds of dance classes that you want. Here we enlisted the dance forms that we teach. 

Ladies Dance Classes

We organize special classes for ladies; you can learn influential dance styles from our excellent choreographers. We know it’s difficult for many ladies, but we make it easy. We train you in a way that makes you fit and flexible.

Adult Dance Classes

Dancing is the best way to make your body flexible, and we take the initiative to make you relaxed with the easy-to-learn adult dance styles. We are providing the best dance classes in Gurgaon so learn the dance moves with us. 

Kids Dance Classes

If your kid is interested in dancing, then we have an excellent package for them. Join our special classes for kids that will make your kids a professional dancer. 


Bollywood Dance Classes

If you love Bollywood dance, join our dance studios in Gurgaon and learn the best Bollywood dance. 

Bollyhop Choreography

It’s a new dance form that is in high trend. It’s a fusion of urban and western moves of Hip Hop influenced by eastern Bollywood dance moves. We train you this dance style elegantly. 

Hip Hop

It’s a rock dance style in India that creates a spark in the body. So, make yourself move with the sparkle by joining our hip hop classes in our dance studios in Gurgaon. 


If you desire to dance in a modern style, then we will train you to dance Zumba. You can quickly learn this dance form from us in a few classes. 

How We Teach

Get Classes at the Studio

We provide you a comfortable place where you can dance freely. Therefore, we design our studios spaciously with big mirrors so that you can create your dance moves and quickly make them creative. 


Online Tutorial

If you have any difficulty with virtual dance classes, we also provide online dance tutorials to learn dancing quickly. Moreover, we offer video tutorials for great learning. 

Trainer at your Home

We also provide home dance classes in Gurgaon Sector 14 and many other areas in Delhi/NCR so that you can feel comfortable. Our highly skilled and well-trained choreographers make sure to pay extra attention while teaching dance at home so that you can learn brilliant dance moves. 


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Express Your Essence Of Soul With Vibrating Feet

Empower the flow of your dancing moves with our good dance training. We take the initiative to make you an influential dancer. However, dancing is not just an art or activity; it’s devotion towards your soul. Many people in this world gain peace and calm while dancing. We value this aptitude and ensure you make it perfect so that you can make your feet move at any time, any song, or any place. 

Fees and Timing

 Just see our class schedule and start with a FREE TRIAL class. Any style and batch that you want. Avail the current discount and start your dance classes today! Click here to know more. 

Why choose Us?

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Flexible Services

Choreo N Concept provides you flexible dance classes in the Gurgaon sector 14. We not only choreograph a single dance form, but we teach all kinds of dances from Indian to western and from classical to hip-hop. You can quickly learn a variant form of dance from us. 

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With more than 10-years of experience with a highly skilled team, we frame various dance performances at the top-stage. We are an industry leader who guides you on the best way to dance like a pro. You can learn all kinds of dance forms from us in an easy-to-learn process. 

Professional Trainers

Whether you don’t know anything about dance or are a good dancer, but you lack confidence, we make you graceful to dance on the stage. Our professional and supportive dance trainers and choreographers trained you in a way that will put your feet in motion on any song.

Best in Prices

We provide you hassle-free choreography and ensure you get the best learning. Consequently, we offer you the best price for dance classes in Gurgaon sector 14 that will not lead to any extra burden on your pocket. We ensure to serve you the best at the best price because we value the art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we teach you all kinds of dance that you want. Our professional choreographers are always ready to guide you in an easy step. You can choose your songs yourself, and we will train you. 

We know that there are many functions and celebrations in India where you desire to dance gracefully, but you are not sure about your dancing moves. So, we provide impressive one-day choreography for you to dance professionally and make people glaze on you.

We try to teach dance satisfactorily; therefore, we give you extra dance classes in a week or any other time to professionally understand the dance steps and get satisfaction from your performance. 

Choreo and Concept- The Best Dance Classes In Gurgaon Learn To Do A Powerpack Performance

As a human being, it is crucial to express your inner feeling through creative and unique moves; however, dancing is vital for your body and mind as it makes you fit and flexible. We are providing the best dance classes in Gurgaon and train you in attractive and flexible dance moves as we strive to teach you how you can unite your body and soul. 

Moreover, if you have a passion for dance, we can convert it into a profession. We strive to make you a professional dancer to build your career in dancing. With our outstanding training, you can ensure your bright future in dance. Along with this, it’s a great way to earn more. So, make yourself ready for dance like a pro with the excellent teaching of Choreo N Concept.

Client Reviews

This is the best way to know more about us. 

Parijat Sinha
Parijat Sinha
Read More
Choreo and Concept is a great place to be. Team is very co operative and friendly. We were able to prepare a dance medley in 3 classes. I would highly recommend you to visit them and rest they will take care. The team is very professional as well as like a family. KUDOS to the entire team for their help and support.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh
Read More
Atisha at Choreo N Concept is amazing. Along with teaching dance, she has the perfect temperament to deal with people of different age group and has an amazing attitude. She makes sure that the person is comfortable in learning the dance and is pretty patient. We feel blessed and lucky to have her as a choreographer for our wedding. She is the best!!!
Ruchi Moudgill
Ruchi Moudgill
Read More
Excellent dance studio!! Great place to learn dance for every level. Wonderful Instructors. They are helpful, friendly and very good dancers and at the same time are very professional, encouraging and always fun!!
Deepshikha Agarwal
Deepshikha Agarwal
Read More
we got a couple choreography done at our home from choreo and concept. and we had a very good experience. The choreography , selection of songs & editing of songs all were done according to our need & liking. Also the choreographer was always punctual during multiple visits. Will recommend choreo N concept to everyone.
Trisha Jaiswal
Trisha Jaiswal
Read More
Vishnu, Akshay and team you guys are superb and awesome Choreographer.. The way you guys made all of us dance at the wedding was unbelievable.. Rehearsal sessions were unforgettable, we had so much fun.. Really loved the way you guys take pain in teaching dance.. you guys do everything by heart.. A big thanks you for Zumba session on women’s day at my office.. It was such a fantastic session, people loved it and planning to have more sessions like that.. I would recommend “Choreo N Concept” for all your dancing needs, wedding performances and fun.. May you guys always shine..
Anson Mathew
Anson Mathew
Read More
The Studio looks just Awesome. 😍😍😍 Love the Vibe and the Whole set up. There's a Seperate Office for Inquires from where u can actually see a Class Happening. Parking is not an Issue at all and it's so close to the Metro Station. Vishnu Swaroop, the Founder,is a real Gentleman I must say, has a lot of Knowledge and Information about the Entertainment/Dance Education/Performance Industry... 100% Recommended 🤘😎🤘
Read More
We learned dance for an engagement function in our house with Vishnu Swarup and it was really one of the best decisions. He patiently taught dance to my parents and it was fun as well. Apart from Dancing, they poured creativity into it as well. Thanks a lot! 🙂 Highly Recommended.
Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

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Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.