Online Dance Classes in Lockdown

Online dance classes in Lockdown: Bollywood Dance, Zumba, Hip-Hop

Are you looking for ways to keep your body moving during the lockdown? Lockdown is a time when people are restricted from leaving their homes, schools, or offices. It can be difficult with the limited space and lack of movement to get in some exercise. Just create the perfect dance studio at home in the space you have and start from there!

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Online dance classes during the lockdown offer an alternative way to stay active through video lessons that are accessed on any device!

They can be accessed on any device, from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone so that you can work out and dance whenever you have time!

Dance is not only a stress buster but a great way to stay active and get back into shape. The online dance classes during lockdown come in many different styles: Bollywood Dance, Zumba, Hip-Hop, Bollyhop, etc. 

Whether you are an amateur or a trained dancer, you can find a class that is perfect for your skill level, and what’s better than an online dance class? With the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, there has been an increase in the demand for online dance classes.

What are the best dance styles I can learn with online dance classes in the lockdown?

Online Bollywood Dance classes.

The Bollywood dance style is a lovely dance form that is extremely popular in India, with a little bit of Hollywood thrown into the mix. Bollywood dance lessons come from all around the world and are led by professional Indian dancers who have trained for years to perfect this art form.

Bollywood dance styles incorporate an assortment of dance styles like Bharatnatyam, Kathak. It will show off your rhythm with footwork, leg work, hip movements as well as hand movements. 

Online Zumba classes.

Zumba is another type of dance fitness that you can enjoy during lockdown that will get you fit and in shape in no time. Zumba can be learned and practiced regularly with online dance classes during the lockdown. The online Zumba classes are easy to find on the internet.

The best online Zumba classes are conducted by trained professionals with have high-energy music and a lot of fun. These classes can go on for an hour. Some Zumba classes are live and intuitive, while others are recorded so you can do them at your convenience. 

Online Hip-Hop dance classes.

The dance style is a mixture of African, Latin, and modern-day street styles. Hip-hop is one of the most popular dance styles among teens. Hip-Hop dance classes can be learned and practiced with online dance classes.

The best Online Dance Classes are conducted by trained professionals who have high-energy music with the required attitude and form.

Hip Hop dance is also called Street Style, Street Dance, Zoo, Hip Pop, and, Fusion. Hip-Hop dance styles include:

  • Locking and Popping
  • Breakdancing
  • Funk
  • Lyrical
  • Boogaloo

Read more about it in the immediate guide to hip hop dancing made just for you!

Online dance classes in the lockdown offer several advantages over in-person classes, including:

1. You can take the class from anywhere. There’s no need to find and drive to a studio that teaches what you want if there are online dance studios available for your needs. Online dance classes are often cheaper. You can control when you take the class or stop it at any time.

2. Online dance classes can be more convenient for those with childcare and work obligations since they don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter or missing work to take the class in person.

3. There is a personal connection with online dance classes. With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is craving some social interaction. From seeing dance friends to telling their teacher about a weekend adventure, online classes are a great way to get social.

4. Online dance classes are the best way to keep your confidence level high, so, even after you return to the studio for your physical class, you don’t feel left out, don’t feel the initial butterflies in your stomach and, you know your routine well.

5. Online dance classes, or any other online classes will teach you a sense of responsibility. Dragging yourself from your bed and turning on your “dance class mode” takes courage. Online Dance Classes are a great way to get the motivation you need, but it is also important not to lose sight of who you are.

6. With online dance classes you can stay active and fit, but also stay at home and work. Online dance classes can be a great way to meet new people or keep in touch with old friends. These classes also bring in a sense of normalcy in these uncertain times.

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Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

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Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

Fees & Timing

You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.