Tips and Questions about Flash Mobs

Planning a flash mob can be an intimidating task. From questions like “how do I plan it?” to “what should the best time of day for my flash mob be?” you may have a lot of unanswered questions. In this blog post, we will answer many of these questions and provide tips on how to plan your successful flash mob!

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Let us start with some tips to help you plan a better flash mob:

Choose a theme everyone would love

The point of a flash mob is to get people’s attention with music. You should choose a song that almost everyone knows. If your favorite band is unknown, then don’t use them for the music. Instead, you could choose something from a musical or opera where the song is well-known.

Keep it short

You will surprise people with your flash mob. But it shouldn’t go on too long because people might get sloppy or forget their parts. The best length for performance is about one minute, so if you want to do more than that, do the same routine twice in a row. 

Be creative

A surprise flash mob is a great way to make people stop and pay attention. You can make your flash mob different from other ones by thinking of something creative. Some flash mobs involve dance routines, singing, or getting lots of people to do something together for a few minutes.

Want a few ideas? Watch this video on a flash mob started by a girl!

Choose an appropriate date, time, and location

Flash mobs take place at an unexpected time and location. Remember to pick an area where there is a large crowd of people. That way, you have a large audience that will have fun! 

In addition, choose a convenient time, for instance: lunchtime when people are usually free and not working.

Record your rehearsals

It’s easier for everyone to see how they can improve if someone records the rehearsals. This way, it’s easier to point out people that start too early or interfere with someone else’s move. Then you can perform again and compare. Hopefully, everyone will see improvement!

Want to read about the history of flash mobs? Click here!

Record your Flash mob

Pack your phones and video cameras. You will need to use many cameras, including close-ups, wide shots, and reaction shots. Have a camera operator that is part of the event and on the same level as dancers. There should also be a cameraman who shoots video from above looking down on dancers so everyone can see how big it is.

Promote your flash mob on social media

Your flash mob is over but you can still get more out of it. Edit the video and share it on your website’s blog or other social media sites. You will still have people looking at your work who were not there during the live event.

Now let us jump right into answering the questions you have!

What is a flash mob?

Answer: A flash mob is a group of people who get together to do something that is not normal. They quickly assemble and then they go back to their lives. The first one was in 2003.

Why do people have fun during a flash mob?

Answer: A flash mob is a fun thing where people show up in groups to do something. They might take over a public space like a park for an hour or so. Flash mobs experiments encourage spontaneity. Sometimes they make videos of the event that go viral on YouTube.

What are the best flash mobs?


  1. Russian flash mob
  2. Flash mob in the Copenhagen metro
  3. T-mobile welcome back 

What are the different types of Flash mobs?

Answer: Musical, dance, and unique flash mobs are the different types of flash mobs.

How can I quickly organize a flash mob?

Answer: Flash mobs can get organized by using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also email people to ask them to join the flash mob.

Do you want to organize a flash mob? Read this blog first! 

To conclude Tips and Questions about Flash Mobs

If you have any unanswered questions about how to plan your flash mob, feel free to reach out! We would love the opportunity to help. If you need to ask questions or learn about how things work, we can help. Send us an email, and we will get back to you soon.

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