Beginners Guide to Dancing

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Beginners guide to dancing: Tips for those who would like to learn dancing

Dancing has been around for centuries and it is a great way to stay in shape, have fun, or make money. This blog post is a beginners guide to dancing for all those who want guidance on dancing so they know where to start when they finally get around to doing it. We’ve got all the information you need about what to expect as a beginner dancer, common tips, and different dance styles!

Beginner’s guide to dancing is not just for beginners. It is also a great way to keep all the professional dancers in the loop of new things.

Read along to find the 5 tips that we count as the ultimate Beginner's guide to dancing!

  1. Different types of dances are popular in different parts of the world. So take your time to know every dance style out there. Try online dance classes during lockdown. Countless dance styles might confuse you when you’re a beginner at dancing. The straightforward answer is to try all various dance styles. You can practice one dance style for years and excel at it, but why not dip your toes in all the dance styles? Think about it, being proficient in several types of dancing take less time and may be more beneficial.


  2. Get to know your beat. People get pepped up with the beat of the song. A dance may begin with a foot tap to a catchy rhythm, which then turns into a full dance. To be a good dancer, you should be able to feel the music and express that feeling with your body. For a beginner dancer, it is critical to get comfortable with the song, so get your hands on some music and hear it out at each chance. Think of a couple of dance moves and practice them at home to develop your confidence! We all love it when we hear people hooting for us in the background, right?


  3. A beginners guide to dancing is easy and straightforward. The next step is to be confident while you dance and not look down at your shoe. We know you have an outstanding taste in fashion, but come on, the world is your place to shine! Chin up girl, be confident! One of the common mistakes a beginner dancer makes is to not be confident and look everywhere else except the crowd. Take a deep breath in and try and remember the steps, and if you’re dancing with a partner, follow their lead! Start with easy dance moves!


  4. Get a dance partner. Its natural when you just start to dance you prefer a partner, just to be somewhat surer. We are eager to start with a dance buddy so that we don’t embarrass ourselves in public. When you are an amateur, we advise you to start with a partner (if you begin with in-person dance classes) just to get an idea of the music and the way to move!
    Online dance classes are getting appreciated by everyone during the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. If you decide to begin with virtual classes, keep revisiting the dance videos you get from the web or, your dance school, and keep practicing till you ace the steps!


  5. Dancing is fun. Don’t forget, dancing is a fun activity and not a chore so loosen up when you dance! It makes you look more confident and graceful! But make sure, you are familiar with the dance jargon everyone uses out there!

Beginner’s guide to dancing is incomplete without knowing the different dance styles out there!

1. Hip-Hop dance:

Hip Hop dance is also called Street Style, Street Dance, Zoo, Hip Pop and Fusion. One of the most popular forms of Hip-Hop dance is breakdancing which incorporates more than a dozen styles that include locking. Break-dancers, are always known for their dynamic and athletic movements with fluidity to them.

2. Bollyhop dance:

This dance is a fusion of breakdancing and Indian Bollywood dancing with hip-hop, funk, and top 40 music. There are a variety of Hip-Hop dance styles that are being paired with Bollywood style to choreograph this Bollyhop dance style.

3. Bollywood dance:

Bollywood dance is a form of traditional Indian folk dance. The Bollywood style is such that it incorporates both Indian and Western cultures, mixing European ballet with classical Indian dance styles such as Bharatanatyam and Kathakali.

We hope this beginners guide to dancing has been helpful in getting you started. Whether you are a complete novice, or just need a refresher course after some time away from the dance floor we have covered all of the basics and given you tips that will help make your experience on the dance floor more enjoyable. Listen up to our advice, get out there and start dancing!

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You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

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You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.