What’s All the Hype About? The Latest Wedding Trends

It is important to do research when planning a wedding. You will want to find out what the newest trends are. This way, your wedding will be on-trend. We have all the hottest trends in 2021 that you can use when you plan your perfect day!

We have a good look at the latest trends set for 2021-2022. This is what we are seeing more and more of and what will be popular this year. We take ideas from the latest wedding reports and what people are wearing to weddings. We also look at floral trends, dresses, fashion trends, and interior design.

As the wedding year, 2021 arrives, some people hope that this is a good start for them. But COVID-19 still exists and it won’t go away at midnight. This might mean those small weddings will continue. But there is good news: people might be able to plan destination weddings for their love!

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So, if you want a perfect wedding in the upcoming year, use these ideas.

The Welcome Box:

Hand sanitizer and social distancing signs are now standard at events. So, when you have a wedding, people will know they are being cared for as soon as they enter. 

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Outdoor weddings:

More and more people are doing outdoor weddings around the world. People want them to be romantic. People like to have mood lighting or tent for weddings. Outdoor weddings are safer for guests and vendors. Tents are popular in 2021 because they are romantic, safe, and also a new style of the ballroom.


In these eco-conscious times, more and more couples want to have a wedding that doesn’t use too much stuff. Some things are being made that one can use in and around the venue. This is better for the environment.

One of the new wedding trends is for couples to recycle and not use any more garbage. Couples can do this by giving away flowers or using plastic-free things on their big day.


Mood lighting for a wedding can make it look nice and glisten in the moonlight. It also looks good when the sunsets. This is why people want to use mood lighting at a wedding reception.

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Lighting will make things more interesting. Use different types of lighting to see how they look. You can use light bulbs, geometric lamps, lights in cages, and vintage chandeliers.


To make guests feel special, couples are serving individual wedding cakes. These can be served at dinner or given as a treat after the wedding.

To sum up The Latest Wedding Trends:

The pandemic has changed what people want at a wedding. But what will be trending in 2021?

It seems like we can only wait and see. Will it still be a time for celebration with friends and family or an event to remember someone you lost? Whatever your vision of life post-pandemic may be, our team is here to help make that come true! Plan your day with us. We will work with you to make sure that you have everything planned out. And if you want more help with the trends, let us know in the comment section!

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