Virtual choreography and Tips for Covid Weddings

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Virtual choreography and tips for Covid weddings: Why is it necessary today?

During the Covid19 pandemic, virtual choreography and tips for covid weddings have become a greater need than ever. The last thing a bride wants to worry about is whether she’ll be able to dance with her new husband on their wedding day. Virtual choreography and tips for covid weddings are where you can rehearse dances without getting sick. You can do this without having to be around people, too. This is good because it will help you prepare for your big day and not have to miss anything! Think of this as a way to minimize your outdoor exposure! 

It’s difficult to find a good wedding photographer, but virtual choreographers are everywhere!

In this blog, we will discuss the need for virtual choreography and tips covid weddings!

Let us get the basics in order first.

Virtual choreographers are people who make dances without being in the same room. They do this over the internet. If you want a beautiful dance for your wedding, then talk to them and they will make one for you. Virtual Choreographers may work independently or as part of a company. These choreographers work with you from step one. 

They help you decide the dance style, who all would be performing and on what songs. Virtual choreography helps couples communicate with each other’s families. There is a video that records questions from the families. Now, many people are sick because of Covid19, and they need to stay in their homes together to avoid catching the disease. Virtual choreography is getting more and more popular as a result.

Virtual choreography for your wedding would include:

  1. You are going to get tried and true dance instruction that has helped hundreds of couples learn their first dance.

  2.  Giving you the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home. No stuffy dance studios or instructors for you! You would get fun and adaptive choreographers.

  3. We will teach you a dance that will impress your family and friends. You’ll learn enough tips and ideas to keep your first dance fun and exciting. You’ll be able to dance without looking stiff or uptight.
  4. One-on-one time with the choreographer via zoom so that you can go over questions you have during the learning process.

We can understand how all the soon-to-be weds would be feeling with not being able to have a grand wedding they always dreamed of. Don’t you worry, covid weddings are equally fun and well, even cost-effective! Think of a lavish honeymoon soon! By acing virtual choreography, you can have all your family and friends prepare a dance for you, and guess what? You will get your sangeet dance recording on the spot! Because, hey, everything is virtual right? 

Read ahead to get to know the tips you should keep in mind while planning your covid wedding!

If by God’s mercy, you are allowed to celebrate your wedding outdoors, with a limited number of people you should keep a few things in mind.

  1. Hire a wedding planner who is capable of taking care of situations with sensitivity. Especially during the pandemic.

  2. Look out for the best wedding choreographers who are professional enough to handle everything from start to finish. 

  3. Keep a sanitizer and a well-working digital thermometer to check everyone’s temperature. Also, if required ask for a negative report! 

  4. Maintain physical distancing. Try and avoid overcrowding tables for meals or drinks!

  5. Try and arrange for trays of fresh masks for your guests. Also, make sure to keep someone out on the lookout to make sure they keep their masks on! 

We hope you found these tips useful. Choosing a choreographer is important. You don’t want to do something that’s already been done. We’ve told you what you should look for in the choreographer, and some mistakes to avoid. If you need any additional help or have any questions about what we discussed today, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

To sum up Virtual choreography and Covid weddings:

Question: Are there any special considerations for covid weddings that are taking place?

Answer: Yes there are a few special considerations for covid weddings. We have mentioned the top 5 considerations that should be kept in mind while planning.

Question: Would an in-person wedding performance choreography be different from virtual choreography? Do you think it is a waste of money?

Answer: Yes, the major difference would be you not being able to be with your friends and family during the practice sessions. But, other than that there is no major difference. The practice, choreography and planning are the same if not more focused on the bride and groom’s personality!

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You will receive an email with the class details; Our executive will help with the same.

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