Brilliant Wedding Songs for Friends to Perform

Weddings are an important day for any couple, but wedding songs can be a difficult decision to make. When you arrange your wedding choreography and don’t know who to start with, ask your friends. They would love to start your wedding show!

For those of you who want some guidance, we’ve put together this list that will help get your friends dancing!

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Pep up the mood with Wedding Songs for Friends to perform on:

1. Google Song

This song is so much fun. It has a lot of movements that people can do. It got lost among the thousands of other songs that get played at weddings.

2. Drama Queen

This is a fun song! It would be more fun if you could ask the bride to dance with you for the last one. She’s a big drama queen, so it will make her feel happy and also embarrassed at the same time. It will make her blush with feelings of happiness and embarrassment.

3. Jhalla Wallah

This song is for the groom! It’s an old song but it isn’t mainstream. There are a lot of jokes and teasing in this one, just what you need to get everybody together. This song is perfect for your bridesmaids and friends.

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4. The Humma Song

A classic song with a modern twist is what’s needed at a sangeet party. This function cannot be complete without this ever so special and loved sangeet song! It comes from the past, but it has gotten a new spin – making the dance moves something to watch and enjoy.

5. Desi Girl

It is the day of the bride, the ultimate Desi Girl. A sangeet cannot be complete without this song! It is a favorite at weddings and it gets everyone up and dancing. The girl gang should dance to this peppy dance number!

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6. Girls like to swing

One of the best songs for a sister’s marriage. This song has easy steps and choreography. You can have a lot of energy and dance it well. Girls, take cues!

7. Bhangra Ta Sajda

Veere Di Wedding has got the best song for the bride’s friends to perform. They can sing Bhangra Ta Sajda, a Punjabi upbeat modern song. It is almost impossible not to include this song in the bride’s sangeet playlist! Veere always have the bride covered.

8. Nachde Ne Saare

This is a song that is perfect for a performance at a sangeet ceremony. It’s quick and upbeat. You can make it even better by adding dhol beats. Then people will stand up and dance with you! This is the perfect wedding Song for friends to perform on!

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9. Genda Phool

When it is your sister’s or best friend’s wedding, you should tease her about her in-laws. This Wedding Song for Friends to perform on will do that for you in the most iconic way. The sangeet song will set a happy mood right from the start.

10. Morni Banke

Don’t we all want to dance to this song with the Gang? Shout-out to one of the best songs for dancing at your friend’s wedding. One of the best parts of a wedding is the dance, and if it’s your friend’s wedding, that makes it even more fun.

Let us sum up Brilliant Wedding Songs for Friends to Perform

We hope this list helps you find the perfect wedding songs for your big day. But if you’re still feeling stumped, we can always help out! Our team of professional choreographers is ready and waiting to make sure that your friends get everyone on their feet at the reception. To start planning today, give us a call with any questions about how our services work.  Do you need a professional wedding choreographer? Give us a shout!

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